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AEROtube® - Cold-light laryngoscopes

Wednesday, 01.06.2016


The new AEROtube® - Cold-Light Laryngoscopes are medical tools which can be used for intubation in the medical emergemcy.


Blade Miller

Size: 00 | 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4

Blade Macintosh

Size: 0 |1 |2 | 3| 4 | 5


Ø 19 mm (narrow)

Ø 28 mm (standard)

Ø 32 mm (short)



Reusable blades and handles made of stainless steel

Battery handle in 3 different sizes

Blade of Miller and Macintosh are available in all standard sizes

Blades are compatible with green system handles according to DIN EN ISO 7376

Light duct with high optical transmission properties




AEROresc® - EASY Collar



Tuesday, 02.05.2016


The AEROresc® - EASY Collar is a size adjustable cervical collar intended for safe immobilization of the cervical spine.




Art.-No.: HIMT11-EC-E
AEROresc® - EASY Collar Adult
(Neckless | Short | Regular | Tall)

Art.-No.: HIMT11-EC-K
AEROresc® - EASY Collar Mini
(Infants| Children | Small Adults)




Easy handling

Left and right side fastening hook for mounting O2 tubing

Easy and quick size selection

Self-raising anatomical chin support

Closing system by locking buttons

Oversized access in front and back



AEROresc® EASY Collar Adult available as Tactical Version upon request!



AEROtube® - EASY Fix ET-Holder


Tuesday, 04.04.2016


Art.-No.: HET01-H-E

The AEROtube® - EASY Fix ET-Holder are used in anesthesia and emergency care. The have been designed for the quick and proper fixation of ventilation tubes after intubation.



Usable with single and double lumen tubes

Color coded functional parts simplify the application

Quick fix clamp screw for a correct and safe fixation

Soft comfort head-strap for variable width adjustment

Hygienic - single packed - sterile


AEROtube® EASY Fix ET-Holder available as Tactical Version upon request!