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Silicone and PVC manual resuscitator

Powerful helpers for patients and user friendly resuscitation


aerobag3 models (bag volume): Adult (1500 ml), Child (550 ml), Infant (280 ml).
Different masks and sizes available to accommodate a wide range of what patients’ need.

High grade of materials

Long lifespan! Operational even in toughest emergency conditions.

  • Autoclavable up to 134 C° (manual resuscitator of silicone and polysulfone)
  • Easy to disinfect and sterilize by gas (resuscitator of PVC and polycarbonate)

High ease of use

  • Comfortable grip
  • Unique right-angle connector swivels in any direction
  • pressure relief valve 60 mbar – adults (fig. 1) or 40mbar – Children and infants
  • Can be folded to save space

Hygienic and transparent

  • Contamination easy to detect
  • Easy to clean

Accurately fitting

  • Connections comply with ISO 5356
  • Masks, tubings and filters can be connected
  • Innovative all-in-one intake valve (fig. 2), 
    -> The previously required reservoir valve is integrated
  • Oxygen gas inlet for 6 mm tubing
  • Direct connection for oxygen reservoir bag, demand valves respectively bag-refill-system (conic plug -26mm OD / 22mm ID)