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Emergency bags and backpackse

Notfall Taschen

To pack with system

Emergency bags

Every AEROcase® bag and backpack are made of red, blue and grey tarpaulin material – AEROtex® - and provide with yellow reflecting stripes.

Robust substrate

  • Coated on both sides | sterilizable | extremely tear resistant (DIN 53359 | DIN 75200)

Generous space

  • Variety of outer pockets and fields| additional inner pockets| good partition


  • Optimal fixing with holder, straps and additional inner and outer pockets


  • Reinforced frame and upholstery protect the equipment against damages

Fast access

  • Easy to open the zip and good accessible inner and outer pockets

Comfortable seat

  • Ergonomically attached grips and shoulder and/or back straps

Better Straps

  • Reinforced grips and wide padded belts and straps