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Oxygen accessory

The supplier of oxygen

AEROpart® - Oxygen cannula, oxygen masks, oxygen tubes


The soft material (vinyl) guarantees a maximum comfort. Three or six channel safety tubing and connection adapters assure high security during the application. The strap or ear clip of the nasal cannulas as well as the adjustable nose clip of the masks ensure a comfortable fit. The aerosol inhalation sets are additionally equipped with a standard nebulizer.

AEROpart® - Masks

  • O2-masks | Aerosol inhalation sets
  • With nose clips and 2 or 2,1 m safety tubing

AEROpart® - O2-Cannula

  • Straight nasal tip (soft) | curved nasal tip (supersoft)
  • With 2,1 or 1,5 m safety tubing
    !Also available with 0.33 m O2-safety tubing for a Patient-side application with FireSafe™ -Adapters!

AEROpart® - O2-Tubes

  • O2- oxygen tube (PVC) available in lengths:
    0.33/2m, 2,1/7,5 m or 10/15m
  • O2- supply tube (PVC) available in lengths: 12 and 20 m
  • Compatible accessories:
    Angled barbed hose adapter | UNF9/16” Barbed hose adapter|
    Tubing connector – fixed and flexible | Water trap

AEROpart® - Humidifiers

  • Disposable 350 ml (UNF 9/16")
  • Autoclavable 250 ml (UNF 9/16" - also in G 3/8" available)

AEROpart® - Sterile water

  • Refill bottles for bubble humidifier
  • Bottle with sterile lid for usage with auto feed systems


This is just a part of our big equipment program.

Additional: sterile water systems and more equipment parts, as well as AEROpart® - O2-cylinder | filling | finishing | TÜV.

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