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EASY Splints / Universal Splints

For immobilization of almost every human limb and the cervical spine.

AEROresc® Easy Splint / Universal Splints

Application Areas

  • Hospitals
  • Medical Service
  • Neonatology
  • Police, Fire Departments
  • Schools, Companies
  • Spare time and sports
  • much more

  • Liquid-repellent (blood, secretion, perspiration)

  • Light weight and compact

  • Space saving

  • Radiolucent

  • Flexible: Roll- and foldable

  • Individually cuttable

  • Usable as infusion splint
    (esp. in neonatology & paediatrics)


Single sizes available:

AEROresc® EASY Splint Xtra Large (100 x 11cm - rolled)

AEROresc® EASY Splint Medium (50 x 11cm - rolled)

AEROresc® EASY Splint Xtra Small /Finger (5 x 11cm - folded)


Universal Splint Set
- every splint in one set

With our universal splint set you are perfectly equipped for any emergency which requires immobilization.


2x EASY Splint Xtra Small / Finger

1x EASY Splint Medium

1x EASY Splint Xtra Large

1x Bag for EASY Splint Set


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