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Bacterial and viral filter


Safety through

AEROvent® - Bacterial-/viral-/device guard filter

These compact slimline filters stand out because of their combination of low weight combined with a high efficiency. Electrostatic filtration with a hydrophobic membrane is partly combined with a humidifier (HME) for humidification of the respiratory air. The risk of a cross infection between patient and ventilator is reduced to a minimum.


AEROvent® - Artificial nose

The artificial nose for tracheostomic patient filtrate the dust particles out of the exhalated air for amelioration of the trachea-bronchial clime.


AEROvent® - Device filter CPAP devices | Homecare devices

Fine and foam filters for CPAP and homecare devices. The usage of high quality materials and manufacturing contribute to safe respiratory therapy (for example the edges of our fine filters are ultrasonically welded).


AEROvent® - Device guard-/device filter Suction device | Oxygen concentrator

The suction filter HAK01-K retains liquids securely through its hydrophobic PTFE-membrane.

The bacterial outlet filter HBAF01-K and the intake filter HGF01-Intake are usable for almost all oxygen concentrators. The high flow and the low resistance of the intake filter while providing a retention rate of 99,9999 % make this filter suitable specially for oxygen concentrators.

Foam filters which are different for each device will filter larger particles out of the sucked air in a first stage. The partially used felt discs/silences are put directly in front of the intake filter.