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HUM Gesellschaft für Homecare und Medizintechnik mbH

Luftaufnahme HUM

Our company philosophy was from the beginning till today very simple - to offer high quality products at competitive and marketable pricing. And this with our main company target - "Customer Satisfaction".

We overcome constantly changing market conditions and increasing customer demands in term of products and services with fulfilment of highest quality standards, all in the sense of our
Quality Management System EN ISO 13485:2012.

With our extended product range and our own AERO-brand items, we meanwhile became one of the main players and leading providers in the segments Homecare, Emergency Medical Service and Hospital products, in national as well as international market environments.

Following our slogan "Systems for Life", we steadily develop our portfolio with innovative products and solutions where as in the end the most profiting part of the chain is the patient.
We are very well aware of our great responsibility!

You have a special customer request but no solution? We remain at your full disposal, you are welcome to contact us. Test us, we ware glad to receive your challenges!

Last but not least we look forward to a further mutual success with you, our friends, partners and customers!



This product portfolio includes the following brands now:


Manual Resuscitators and masks (PVC and Silicon), Inflator/Deflator



Emergency bags and backpacks for FirstResponder, Emergency Medical Service and

Emergency Medical Service +, Bags for special or personal equipment, Modular Cases



Pulse oximeter and Sensors with Masimo-Technology, Finger-Pulse oximeter



One-handed tourniquet



O2-masks, -cannula, -safety tubes, Aerosol-Inhalationssets, Humidifiers and

Sterile water (-systems), Firesafe™-Adapter


Splints/Universal Splints, Cervical Collar


Manual-, Pneumatic- and Electric Suction Units and Accessories, like Suctioncatheter, -tubes, -container and Holder



Mobile Oxygen Standing Devices and Portable Oxygen Devices



CPAP- and Ventialtion-tubing and -tubing systems, Laryngeal Airway Masks,

Endotracheal Tubes and Tube-Holder,Oropharyngeal Tubes, Laryngoscopes and Blades


Single Use Gloves, Rescue Sheets GS1, Instant Cold Compress



Breathing Filter, Device Protection Filter for Suction Units, O2-Concentrators, Spirometer,

nCPAP-Devices, Home Ventilation Devices, Bacterial- and Viral-Filter


Compressor Nebulizer, Pressure Reducer, Flow Regulator, Flowmeter, DIN couplings

Your Partner for Suction, Ventilation, Inhalation, Monitoring and Emergency Medicine!